Here are some of the projects I did throughout years. Some of them are open source some of them are not. You can find some on my GitHub as well.

Impulse Blocker

Here is the extension’s settings page.

If you are distracted by impulsively typing “” or “” on your address bar, then this Firefox extension is for you. You can create a block list of websites and this extension would block them for you. I find that after the initial impulse is “blocked” then you kinda get back to work.

I have built it for the WebExtension switch that Firefox went through a couple of years ago since there was no replacement back then. It gathered a bunch of users because of that. Currently, 9000 people use it according to Mozilla statistics. Currently, it’s not the greatest extension feature-wise but it’s open-source and even it has couple contributors. That still surprises me.

This is the dashboard of that allows you to manage your newsletter settings.

I love Reddit but sometimes I find it consuming to visit some subreddits every day and read every comment. I have built this service that emails me the best content every week from my favorite subreddits. It’s free. You can sign up, pick your subreddits, and get an email on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

I have mostly created it for my needs and also a testbed for learning a bit more about React. So it’s a full single page application built with React and React Router. I learned a ton and loved it. Backend is Laravel but it’s has a very high coverage test suite, so it doesn’t feel like a hacky side project.

The UI design is also me. It’s not very good but it’s an attempt. Sigh.

Ancient Cities of Turkey

This is one of the earliest things I have ever built: It is an interactive map that allows you to discover ancient cities in Turkey. I have tried to add interesting bits of info about the cities and some useful links along with it.

Thanks to a tweet of my friend, it went viral on social media. It even made it to a national newspaper.

I did not found the time and energy to update it in a while. I am hoping I’ll get back to it soon. You can read more about it here.

Xdebug Starter for Firefox

This is another extension I have created when Firefox was going through the WebExtension switch. If you are using Xdebug in your development environment check it out.