black midi

1 Ocak 2021

black midi didn’t produce much music (yet). They only have an album and a couple of singles. It’s still a band that you can do a deep dive though. Just listen to live performances and witness how much they change things up. It seems like they never repeat.

They also represent artistic freedom to me. These are young people straight out of art school. Their potential is limitless and you can feel that with their music. bmbmbm is just one single note. You go “how did they create that?!”. You get that feeling with each of their performance.

I also listened to Stephen Malkmus’ latest album this week. Malkmus was the peak of artistic freedom for me in the past. Made-up lyrics, crazy guitar tunes, larger-than-life appearance on stage and all.

His latest album has some new things but it just feels like a mild intellectual curiosity – rather than an artistic explosion like the black midi. Noticing that, just bums me out. I don’t expect each artist to sustain that level of energy throughout their careers of course – it’s impossible.

Also, Morgan Simpson is dope.